While shopping online, customers really like to have multiple payment options available. You should have at least three types of payment, such as credit card, PayPal, and Bitcoin. It's also wise to offer your customers cash-on-delivery. A fantastic way to figure out which options to provide is to cross-check your payment options with your target audience to learn which options are used the most.

Setting Up Bitcoin Payments with Third-Party Providers

The following solutions look after a good deal of choices connected with accepting Bitcoin obligations on your eCommerce shop. You set up an account, integrate the supplier with your eCommerce site, and from now on your Bitcoin payments will automatically be exchanged and transferred to your preferred bank account.

  • BitPay—offers a streamlined Bitcoin solution. You set up an account and integrate BitPay with your shop. From now on your customers will be able to pay in Bitcoins using their desktop or smartphone. The payment will then be converted into your currency of choice and sent to your bank account. BitPay can be integrated with numerous POSs, eCommerce platforms, and accounting solutions.
  • Coinbase—is very similar to BitPay. Coinbase offers merchants a convenient mobile app for both iOS and Android devices.
  • CoinSimple—CoinSimple is different from solutions above in that the website doesn’t handle Bitcoin exchange. Your Bitcoins are sent to either an exchange market or directly to your Bitcoin wallet. This solution allows you to wait before exchanging your funds, giving you more control over your money.

Become a Small Business of the Future!

Accept cryptocurrency, like Bitcoin will rocket your small business into the future. You will enjoy the benefits and attract new customers eager to pay with crypto. You'll also be a step ahead of your business competitors if they have not already adopted digital money as a payment option. How are you going to utilize Bitcoin to grow your business?