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Shikabala recalls signing for Al-Ahly
[Image: 44215.jpg]
Egyptian international winger, Mahmoud Abdel-Razek, known as Shikabala, is a diehard Zamalek fan; his return from Greece’s Paok to sign for Zamalek’s rivals, Al-Ahly, was one of the most shocking moments at the history of the Egyptian football.  Shikabala narrated how he signed for Al-Ahly during an interview with Sahibet Al-Saada program; he said “I had an amazing year insbo222 Greece and I did not plan to return to play in Egypt, but I had to because of the army duty.” Shikabala is a Zamalek academy product as he joined the club when he was just 10 and got promoted through the club rankings till he joined the first team in 2002 when he was 16. Shikabala, 32, has worn the Zamalek sbo222 jersey for three years before leaving to play for Paok in Greece. The winger continued “I wanted to return to Zamalek, but at this time they had many Administrative problems and they refused to sign me.” Al-Ahly started negotiating with Shikabala and convinced him to sign for them which he did and started training inside the club. Shikabala praised Al-Ahly team; he said” They had a great group of players who had achieved everything and they were leading the league while Zamalek placed 12th.” Shikabala’s first training session with Al-Ahly was his only one and he remembered it with a smile on his face. It was a strange feeling and I could not wear their red shirt, so I wore a white shirt during my only training session in Al-Ahly,” Said Shikabala. Shikabala’s signing went viral quickly and Zamalek President at the time, Mamdouh Abbas, called him and asked him to return to Zamalek. At the end, the player convinced Al-Ahly that he wants to play for Zamalek and they allowed him to rejoin his home; then he started a new chapter in his football careersbo222

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