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<p>Lost in the Dungeon is the latest in a long line of really interesting card-based games that have been landing on mobile. It's a dungeon crawler, where you control your actions with a deck of cards. Think of a more mature Card Crawl and you're getting there.</p><p>The deeper you get into the dungeon, the more difficult things get. So the more loot you're going to have to collect. Even though the action here is card-based, there's a whole heap of strategy and contemplation that you're going to have to go through if you want to succeed.</p><p>Click here to read our Card Crawl review</p><p>You need to grow your characters as well, and they're incredibly customisable, from skill sets to armour and weapons. There's also the potential for your adventure to never end, with the dev teasing new dungeons, skills, and classes still to come.</p><p>The game is out right now for iPhone and iPad and you can click here to download it. And keep your eye on TableTap for a review in the not-too-distant future.</p>.

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