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<p>Developer Laser Dog's library is one of minimalist games, both in aesthetic and design. However, it was their first game Puk that probably best encapsulates that style, and it's currently for the low price of 0.99p / 0.99c on iOS.</p><p>Your goal in Puk is simple: blast balls at bumpers of varying size, their size affecting how many hits it takes from them to disappear completely. The controls are only flicking on balls to send them ricocheting across a level, a mechanics that extends across 1,000 stages.</p><p>A tight timer, limited balls, gates, and walls that can make a simple level a tricky challenge add surprising variety to Puk, an element that earned the game a Silver Award. Multiple difficulties offer new tests of your skills if you're finding the game too easy or hard; Shadow throws the hardest levels at you earlier, while Light eases you in with more basic levels.</p><p>Puk can be purchased on the App Store.</p>.

GAME NAME Future Tanks

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com.sigmateam.Future Tanks.free

Lost Bubble(MOD (Unlimited Money) v3.5):

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