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<p>Tau Station is an upcoming MMORPG that combines the text-based interfaces of games like Fallen London with space sim adventure inspired by Elite.</p><p>Set within a civilization spread across hundreds of stations and galaxies, you're just one person among myriad others, able to choose your own career to progress. The world will be influenced by your actions, as well as other players, within a choice-driven story about saving humanity from extinction.</p><p>Being part RPG and part online sim, you'll have to consider the world moving and living beyond your actions. Missing departure times from your station means you'll have to wait for another ship. Performing illegal behavior could draw local security, depending on the station you're in. Alien ruins, robotic killers, and other weird stories will be available to investigate.</p><p>Tau Station is still in development, although an alpha is planned soon. The game is expected to release on mobile devices and PC; you can learn more about the game and its upcoming alpha here.</p>.

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