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Legion of Heroes(MOD (Unlimited Money) v1.21.0

Legion of Heroes(APK v1.75.2

<p>Shelly Alon will have you helping out cute little robots when Sputnik Eyes comes out on August 13th for iOS.</p><p>It's the next game after Alon's Silver Award-winning party-themed puzzler Partyrs. And, like that game, Sputnik Eyes is a fun take on the match-3 puzzler.</p><p>The story goes that you're helping these eye robot-things find a new planet. After a brief tutorial, you launch a rocket by tapping out the countdown, and then have to analyse planets.</p><p>To do this, you need to arrange the robots on the planet's surface so that their colours match the position they're in.</p><p>Each level gives you a set of positions - each with their own colour - and paths between them for the robots to move along. Some paths are one-way so you have to take that into consideration.</p>....
Legion of Heroes(MOD (Unlimited Diamonds) v1.6.0

Legion of Heroes(MOD APK (Unlimited Skills, One Hit) v1.11.1

Dark Rooms Mod Dark Rooms - Room escape game Mod APK 1.17 Features:Unlock the full versionWill you get to the end by escaping all the dark rooms of this game?Think out the box to solve riddles, use items to open doors, and get out of each room.The clear design helps you to focus on solving riddles, use your imagination, be smart.Don't forget to turn your device's volume up to enjoy this room escape game!If you kill the app, you will be able to start from the last Room you've visited.....
Legion of Heroes(MOD (Houses Unlocked) v0.44.2

Legion of Heroes(MOD (Unlimited Money) v1.03.260

Dungeon Circus : Action Platformer Mod Dungeon Circus : Platformer Mod APK 1.0.12 Features:To verifyIf the "Your device does not support G■ Over a million combined dungeons !■ Various Traps and Monsters !■ 36 achievements !▶ Challenge- Challenge randomly generated dungeons !- Copy and share map codes, and challenge dungeons with friends !- Let's conquer all 3 difficulty levels !▶ Daily Run- Challenge new dungeons every day !- Compete with people all over the world !....
Legion of Heroes(MOD (Unlimited Money) v2.4.6

Legion of Heroes(APK v1.1.8

When winds breathe sweet, unruly though they be.....
Legion of Heroes(MOD (Unlimited Money) v3.62

Legion of Heroes(APK v1.37.2.6706

The Jackdaw and the Doves...