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The Two Soldiers and the Robber....
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<p>Only announced at last week's Ubisoft conference at E3, South Park: Phone Destroyer has soft launched in Sweden, Finland, Denmark, and Norway.</p><p>South Park: Phone Destroyer is a real-time battler in which you can gear up and take on your favourite South Park stars. It's all about strategy in this PvP game as you assemble the best team of cowboys, pigeons, cyborgs, and more, and build up your card deck while you're at it.</p><p>While the faces may be familiar, the characters will have a bit of a twist as they're given class-typical names like Ninjew Kyle, Cyborg Kenny, and Grand Wizard Cartmen. As well as a single player story chocked full of the usual humour, there're also over 80 cards to collect and upgrade, detailed hero customisation, and - erm - Randy cross-dressing.</p><p>If you're in one of the aforementioned countries, you can grab the game on the App Store now. If you're not but you'd like to give it a go, check out our handy guide on creating a foreign iTunes account and go wild.</p><p>Source.</p>....
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Which one by one she in a river threw,....
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<p>Heal is an upcoming story-driven puzzle game from indie developer Jesse Makkonen. The game will deal with some pretty sombre and heavy topics you don't frequently see in video games such as&nbsp;old age and dementia. It will be heading for iOS and Android on 10th April.</p><p>Though the main focal point of the game is the story, there isn't much in the way of text within Heal itself. Instead, the narrative is told through the atmosphere which is created by a variety of audio choices and the unique, dark aesthetic the game possesses.</p>...
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As we already are familiar with all health tactics of the game. The medication and health facilities increase the energy and stay for long in the game. The Battle Royale is filled with a competitive thrill at every point, and in these scenarios, increasing your HP is a must-do thing. So, The new updated Health system arrived, which features the Armor to increase additional HP to make your character more powerful....