Conte knows the signal, being fired by Kai before the contract expires

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Antonio Conte, head coach, Spurs does not close the possibility of being fired by the agency. Before the end of the contract in June 2023 when grabbing every goal, most recently eliminate in the CL. Grab the last hope of unlocking a long abandoned champion.

‘Golden Spur Chicken’ draws with AC Milan 0-0 in the round of 16, the second leg yesterday resulte in stopping the route just like this, totaling 0-1 

Which Tottenham hired Conte in November 2021. The main intention is to help consecrate the title again since the 2008 League Cup from the old work history of the Italian boss. Which guarantees success 

But with the end of his contract and the mission still not complete. The 53-year-old could understand if ufabet club chairman Daniel Levy was to be sack before the end of the 2022-23 season. 

“My contract expires in June, so let’s see – they might be sack. Before the end of the season, who knows, maybe they’re not happy with the performance,” he told BT Sport.

“I’m really sorry to the fans. who cannot find a way to overcome.”

“It’s important to note that don’t expect a miracle that one day a trophy will drop in your lap. This kind of thing has to be built and patient.” 

Conte-Levy’s controversy has persisted until Mauricio Pochettino’s return in case the Italian boss doesn’t get a contract renewal is growing more and more.