Crouch suggests that Tottenham Hotspur take a small cup championship is better than just a decorative plant

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BT Sport analyst Peter Crouch advises Tottenham Hotspur’s strategy planners that they must change their minds to focus on unlocking a concrete championship. That has been abandone for more than 15 years, not just being in the top 4 in the Champions League then quickly fall.

Spurs vs. AC Milan 0-0 round of 16, Champions League, second match yesterday. As a result, the overall results were eliminated 0-1. Meaning that if not counting the 2018-19 season that reached the final match. The ‘Golden Spikes Chicken’ came to compete in this program ufabet. Almost never touched the quarterfinals. 

This led to a theory from a former striker like Crouch that when the club step on a two-cam boat and did not do well at all. Either hunting for the championship that had been waiting since 2008 or rising to the Champions League stage. It should return to the basics, that is, to strengthen confidence from a small honour.

“What good is it if you’re in the top four of the English Premier League table and then go on to perform disappointingly in the Champions League? What the fans want is a trophy,” said the former England striker. 

“So resting key players in FA Cup games to keep them fresh in league games. But it turned out to be losing the league game anyway. 

Peter also added that he pity only striker Harry Kane, who has been loyal for many years. But still no luck to win the championship

“How many transitions How many generations has Harry Kane had to patiently wait for a title with a team? 

“A football career is short. I don’t think anyone would blame Kane for whatever decision he made in the summer, stay or leave. 

Spurs are currently fourth in the table after 26 matchdays on 45 points, three more than fifth -placed Liverpool , who have played one game less.