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<p>It's been a month or so since we received the last lot of screenshots, but The Inner World - The Last Wind Monk now has a few more for us to check out.</p><p>The Inner World - The Last Wind Monk is a hand-drawn, graphic adventure in which you have to guide Robert, along with two new companions, on a quest to save the flute noses from the evil Emil.</p><p>In these latest screenshots we see Robert chilling, practicing some darts in a rather cluttered-looking house. In the second it looks like Robert's in a touch of trouble as he cowers from a gangly-necked bird.</p><p>Headup Games is still as secretive as always, but it doesn't mean we're any less excited to see more of The Last Wind Monk. There's been no further information on its release - it's still slated as releasing mid-2017, but its predecessor, The Inner World, will be touching down on consoles later this week.</p>.

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