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<p>TapStar is a recently released action game from indie developer iWinner Studios that's currently available for both iOS and Android. It will see players controlling a starfish that's somehow capable of firing projectiles from within itself.</p><p>It looks to be a very straightforward action game where you'll be tasked with blasting your way through endless waves of enemy jellyfish, squids and crabs. TapStar also calls back to the earlier days of touch screen mobile gaming by using tilt controls to move and dodge enemy attacks.</p>Meteorfall: Krumit&rsquo;s Tale review - &ldquo;I want to rage-quit, but ooh, a shiny&hellip;&rdquo;<p>That means you'll be tilting to roll and tapping to fire back at your foes. To make the game a little trickier, you'll have limited space to roll within and it's also possible to fall off the ledge to a game over. So you can't simply roll for eternity to avoid enemy attacks, you'll need to be a little more careful with your dodging.</p>.

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